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boundary?: Boundary

You can set a boundary to filter results by a geographical region.

lang?: string

You can get search results in another language, if available, by specifying a target language code with your request following the BCP47 standard (https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/bcp/bcp47.txt).

By default, search responses are in the default locale of the dataset. However, if you include a language code, the search attempts to return place names in the language you specified.

If the language you requested is unavailable, then the default language is returned. In some cases, this is the local dialect, or it may be English for other datasets.



layers?: ("address" | "venue")[]

The type of record is referred to as its layer. Due to limitations in Pelias the definitions of layers has been re-defined and limited to the following two layers:

  • venue: Stops
  • address: POI, streets, addresses, stop groups
point: { lat: number; lon: number }

Type declaration

  • lat: number
  • lon: number
size?: number

Governs the maximum number of results. Valid values 1 - 100 inclusive.

sources?: string[]

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