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Enumeration members

LocationNotFound = "locationNotFound"

The specified location is not close to any streets or transit stops

NoStopsInRange = "noStopsInRange"

No stops are reachable from the location specified. You can try searching using a different access or egress mode

NoTransitConnection = "noTransitConnection"

No transit connection was found between the origin and destination withing the operating day or the next day

NoTransitConnectionInSearchWindow = "noTransitConnectionInSearchWindow"

Transit connection was found, but it was outside the search window, see metadata for the next search window

OutsideBounds = "outsideBounds"

The coordinates are outside the bounds of the data currently loaded into the system

OutsideServicePeriod = "outsideServicePeriod"

The date specified is outside the range of data currently loaded into the system

SystemError = "systemError"

An unknown error happened during the search. The details have been logged to the server logs

WalkingBetterThanTransit = "walkingBetterThanTransit"

The origin and destination are so close to each other, that walking is always better, but no direct mode was specified for the search

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